Wagon Wheel - chewy, fudgy, chocolaty, rolled in powdered sugar...our kid's favorite...gotta try w/ ice cream!

The Super Cookie - special secret blend of pecans, graham & 3 types of good.

The Original Ugly Cookie - designed for taste, not beauty; chewy, melted toffee & semi-sweet chocolate blended to perfection.

Perfectly Crisp Chocolate-Dipped Chocolate Shortbread - chocolate shortbread dipped in dark & white chocolate...caution: addictive after first taste!

Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip - the chocolate lovers chewy, chocolate, chocolate chip cookie.

"Jake" The Cookie - the idea & name came from Missy's daughter...could have easily been named, "Yummy".

Snickerdoodle - chewy, soft, buttery dough rolled in cinnamon & sugar.

Missy's Classic Chocolate Chip - chewy, moist & loaded with chocolate chips; terrific countertop treat for when you come home.

Gingersnaps - chewy & loaded with flavor & spice; best if eaten by the dozen.

Missy's Original Peanut Butter Cookie - chewy & big on peanut butter flavor.

Brown Sugar Shortbread - aromatic, crisp and flavorful shortbread dipped in milk chocolate & sprinkled with pecans.

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Oatmealiscious Cookie - your children won't believe this chocolate chip cookie is loaded with oatmeal.

Pecan Shortbread - aromatic & nutty with the perfect crisp you're looking for in a great shortbread cookie.

Oat Toffee Almond - give it some oats--call it healthy; add some toffee and chocolate chips--call it terrific!

Missy's Marvelous & Munchy Chocolate Candy Oat Cookie

Kelly's Strawberry White Chocolate Cookie: Inspired by our neighbor and so named, dried strawberries with white chocolate chunks.

Pennsylvania Countryside Tango - blends peanut butter cookie dough & chips w/ chocolate cookie dough & chips

Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookie

Marvelous Mint Chocolate Cookie

Chocolate-dipped Caramel Pizzelle Sandwich

Aztec Wonder: A Cayenne & Cinnamon infused Dark Chocolate Cookie

Dried Cherry & Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Lemon Coconut Wagon Wheel

12" Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Trail Mix Cookie

Springtime Frosted Sugar Cookies

Peanut Butter Perfection Clovers

Lime Coconut Shortbread

White Chocolate-dipped Cherry Shortbread

. .